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1. We are bird lovers and want to pass this passion on to you.

2. If you don't see what you want, don't be afraid to ask. To best serve you, we need to know what you want!

3. If we don't know the answers, we will find some who does!


Want to Provide Homes for Wildlife?

Gardenhousesforbirds.com offers bird houses for sale for just that purpose! You can provide security and protection for a wide variety of birds by choosing from our assortment of bird feeder and unique birdhouse designs.

Provide houses and feeders for birds – and turn your garden into a REAL reality show!

  • Enjoyment from seeing birds up close

  • Learning about bird behavior

  • Identifying birds by song

  • Discovering what birds like to eat

  • Relaxing in your garden as you watch the birds entertain by living life

  • Creative satisfaction from building a house from a birdhouse kit

Bird houses for sale include:

             Wooden unique Birdhouse designs           Bird House kits

             Recycled plastic bird house                     

Bird feeders for sale include:

             Wooden bird feeders                              Hummingbird Feeders                           

             Tube bird feeders                                   Suet bird feeders                       

             Peanut butter feeder

In addition – we offer a nature cam for use in birdhouses, as well as a unique birdhouse designs with a camera already installed.

You can also invite bats and butterflies to your yard! We have unique birdhouse designs modified for bats and butterflies as well. Everyone enjoys seeing butterflies visiting flowers and bats are useful for keeping down the mosquito population so check out our bird houses for sale!

Our selection of birdhouses for sale was based on products that we either use or would use ourselves. Our primary goal was to accommodate as many kinds of birds as possible.

In addition – we selected unique birdhouse designs without perches for birds to sit on under the entry hole – in the interest of not giving predators an unfair advantage. You will notice that many of our birdhouses for sale have a predator guard added around the hole – extending the distance a predator would need to reach into the birdhouse, so check out our bird houses for sale!

If you don't see the unique birdhouse designs you are looking for, contact us and we will help you look!

The bird house kits provide an opportunity for people of all ages to have a hand in putting together houses for birds. Bird house kits provide an excellent activity for science and shop classes, as well as for scouts or camp.  Gardenhousesforbirds.com currently has a selection of three bird house kits. The bird house kits also offer an opportunity for bonding with a special child, or even a friend, so get our bird houses for sale today!

The accessories we offer to go along with our birdhouses for sale include options for nesting material. Nesting materials can also be placed in wire suet baskets. It might be interesting to see what kind of nesting materials birds choose and to see these materials show up in nests.

If you are interested in additional options for bird house kits, please feel free to let us know.  We are always looking for ideas for adding additional birdhouses for sale.

What do you look for in Unique Birdhouse designs?

When selecting Unique birdhouse designs – you may want to have an idea what kind of birds you can expect in your area.  For the list of specifications, go to: 


If aiming for bluebirds – beware that tree swallows, chickadees, and wrens like the same unique birdhouse designs. The wrens can be pretty aggressive – and even build nests in several houses – then take up actual residence in only one of the houses.

Another benefit that gardenbirdhousesforbirds.com took into consideration when selecting bird houses for sale, is how easily the bird house can be cleaned. Many of the wooden unique birdhouse designs can be opened up for easy cleaning.

Remember - Birds need water!

At this time, gardenbirdhousesforbirds.com does not offer bird baths for sale. We want to research the options in order to best compliment our bird houses for sale. Until that time, our advice is to find a water bath with a slight slant from the center to the sides.  This allows smaller birds to stand on the bottom along the slant.

If the bird bath texture is smooth - it can be slippery.  In that case it is advisable to place a layer of stones in the bird bath – to allow the smaller birds to both reach the bottom and get a grip. If a bird can not get a good grip – this impairs the ability to launch into flight and poses as a drowning risk.

Clean Bird Houses out Between Broods and Over the Winter

Cleaning out the bird houses between broods minimizes the spread of disease and parasites. Cleaning out each winter gives you an opportunity to inspect the house to ensure it is sufficiently in tact for the following season.

We learned of some one who forgot to clean out his bird house over the winter. He was very excited to see a family of Caroline Chickadees move in. He was also very heart broken, when the floor of his bird house fell out before the eggs had hatched.

Note: Gardenhousesforbirds was sorry to hear about the fate of the chickadee family, but relieved to learn the birdhouse was not one of ours.

Bring Birds to Seniors

After enhancing your own yard with bird houses, why not encourage projects where both bird houses and bird feeders can be placed for the benefit of Seniors who are unable to get out and about as much as they used to. Adults and children  will enjoy assembling bird house kits to share with either someone you know or possibly for a retirement community where even more people will get to enjoy the birds. Better yet, add to the delight of your targeted Seniors by allowing them to help put together the bird house kits.

Any and all of our birdhouses and feeders would fill the bill (please excuse the pun).

Purple Martin Houses

As of yet, gardenhousesforbirds.com has not found any practical purple martin bird houses for sale that we can in turn offer on our site.  There is always the risk you will end up with a community of starlings instead – so we are researching the options available.

Taking Bird watching to yet another Level

Consider buying a Hawk Eye nature cam to either install into one of our bird houses for sale or buy a bird house with the nature cam already installed.

How easy is it to hook up the Hawk Eye cams? It really couldn't be easier. Simply hang the birdhouse, or attach the Hawk Eye to a post overlooking a feeder; run the cable into the house, plug the audio and video plugs into the appropriate RCA jacks (video-in and audio-in) in the back of the TV. Plug in the power and sit back and enjoy. Your camera comes with a two page brochure describing the process. While your at it, look at our bird house kits as well!

The nature cam can also be used to observe a wide assortment of other wildlife as well. A few examples (but not limited to) bee hives, ants, humingbirds, poi, or even your pets.


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